Rules & Code of Conduct 2018/19

Health & Safety Rules and Code of Conduct

  1. Fire and other regulations must be observed at all times, you must familiarize yourself with the fire escape routes and the assembly point in case of an emergency, read and follow the signs and notices throughout the premises. You must not tamper with any safety equipment including signs and notices within The Tennis Village complex or your apartment.
  2. Electrical circuits, cabinets, boxes, fuse boards and appliances must not be overloaded, tampered with or altered in any way all defects must be reported immediately to the site office or security personnel on duty.
  3. No gas bottles or portable gas appliances are to be brought into The Tennis Village this includes the car parking areas or vehicles being used as storage of such items.
  4. No car repairs of any description are permitted including the filling of petrol tanks or the siphoning of petrol being undertaken in the car park or anywhere within the grounds of The Tennis Village
  5. No combustible, explosive or illegal substances are to be kept in the apartment/room or on the property known as The Tennis Village at any time.
  6. No deep fat fryers are allowed anywhere in The Tennis Village, if found in apartments a charge to each student of 35.00 will apply
  7. Should the fire brigade be called to a false alarm caused by you the charge will be €1350.00
  8. The accommodation must only be used for residential purposes. Business or profit making activities are not to be carried out from your accommodation/room or anywhere within the grounds of The Tennis Village
  9. Nothing is to be hung on the exterior of the apartments or affixed to the windows that can be seen from the apartment exterior, especially any items that may cause offence to others. Bottles, boxes and other items must not be placed in a position as to be seen from the apartment exterior.
  10. All apartments/rooms will be inspected on a regular basis to ensure standards are being maintained. The interior of each apartment/room including fixtures, fittings and sanitary ware are to be kept clean and in good repair, any breakages must be reported to the office in Oakfield Court. Where breakages or damages have been found that has not been reported to Management, each student will be held responsible and appropriate amount (current price) will be deducted from students deposits
  11. No washing is to be hung from the building exterior or interior at any time.
  12. The management, its servants and agents reserve the right to enter the accommodation and inspect the accommodation/room with due notice. On inspection students are requested to have kitchen area clean and tidy, which also includes cleaning of the cooker, microwave and dishwasher/ filter.
  13. Any breakages or damage occurred will be charged at market value and if management had not been informed of same, each student will be liable for cost of replacement or making good the damage which will be deducted from student deposits.
  14. No materials are to be disposed of into sinks, lavatories, sewers or watercourses.
  15. All household rubbish is to be put into the bins provided, no rubbish is to be left around the exterior or interior of The Tennis Village at any time, no oil or chemicals are to be deposited into the refuse bins at any time.
  16. No pets/animals of any description are allowed in the accommodation/room at any time.
  17. All areas of The Tennis Village must be kept free from obstruction especially the fire escape routes. No bicycles, motor bikes or any other items are to be left or affixed to the exterior of The Tennis Village, all such items will be removed.
  18. Management or security must be informed immediately of any emergency or other situation requiring attention.
  19. All students offered a parking space or bringing a vehicle onto the premises must keep the management informed of the vehicles registration number. All motor vehicles brought onto The Tennis Village must display an up to date insurance disc, road tax disc and where appropriate an N.C.T disk. All vehicles are left on the premises entirely at the owner’s risk.
  20. No ball games are permitted in any part of The Tennis Village
  21. Students will check and sign the apartment/room inventory and condition agreement to ensure nothing is damaged or missing, any damage or items found to be missing must be reported to the office immediately.
  22. Should an apartment / room require cleaning a contract cleaner will be employed to carry the work out and the occupants will be charged the appropriate amount.
  23. Nails or drawing pins must not be driven into the walls, woodwork or doors, sticky tape or blue- tac must not be affixed to any plaster, woodwork or walls, and no part of the apartment is to be defaced or altered. Where damage has occurred student will be charged for painting and cost of material to correct the damage
  24. There is a strict policy of no parties to be held in the apartments, musical instruments, radios, television sets, sound systems or any other apparatus must not be played in such a manner that it would cause a distraction, annoyance or nuisance to others students/guests or members of the public, especially between the hours of 11pm and 8am. Anyone who breaks this clause is liable to expulsion or disciplinary action.
  25. No furniture, fittings, fixtures, appliances or any other articles are to be removed from the apartment at any time.
  26. The Tennis Village will not be responsible for any loss / damage to any personal effects or belongings how so ever caused. In addition The Tennis Village will take no responsibility for loss or damage to any items brought onto the premises. Personal effects or belongings are left in the accommodation/room at the tenant’s sole risk and must be insured by the tenant at all times. The above also covers motor cars, motor vehicles, bicycles of any description that may be brought onto The Tennis Village and left in any part of the property.
  27. Your apartment /room must be kept aired on a daily basis. Where fungal growth appears as result of non-ventilation a charge to make good the damage will be applied.  Heater in bedrooms and kitchen area are not to be used to dry clothes. Do not put clothes on heaters as this creates a fire hazard.
  28. On the day of departure your accommodation/room shall be left in a clean and orderly condition.  All personal belongings/effects must be removed on the day of departure any belongings/effects not removed will be disposed of by The Tennis Village at its discretion without incurring any liability for their disposal.
  29. Visitors are not allowed to stay in the accommodation between the hours of 23.00 and 10.00am the following day. Visitors are not allowed to remain overnight without prior consent from the office. Visitors must be checked in during office hours of the previous day. A charge may apply. The tenant is responsible for guests who have not signed in. A fee of 50.00 per guest will be levied on the relevant student.  Where a student wishes to have a  guest staying it has to be discussed with your fellow students as ‘visitors’ use water and electricity this unfairly increase the electricity bill.  Only students who are named on the lease are entitled to be staying in The Tennis Village
  30. Requests by students to share with other students will be considered and where possible arranged. However, this cannot be guaranteed and the final decision will always be at the discretion of The Tennis Village
  31. Management reserves the right to terminate the agreement if for any reason they wish to do so. Nothing in this agreement will constitute a Landlord/Tenant relationship within the meaning of the Landlord and Tenant Acts or otherwise.
  32. Nothing in this agreement shall be construed as indicating that The Tennis Village will provide accommodation continuously in a particular room. We reserve the right to vary the location of accommodation as may be required from time to time and circumstances.
  33. Should you damage any property at The Tennis Village you will be charged the appropriate repair price.
  34. Any damages incurred will be charged to students at current price. This also includes beds/bases.
  35. No persons are permitted to stay in the apartments/rooms other than the names shown on the lease/rental agreement. Only persons named on the lease are entitled to stay in The Tennis Village
  36. Students are not allowed to canvas or allow any canvassing in any part of the premises
  37. The adjoining neighbours  privacy must be respected at all times when living at The Tennis Village and when accessing the roadway and passing the adjoining houses
  38. Students will check and sign the apartment/room inventory and condition agreement to ensure nothing is damaged or missing within 2 days of signing the lease, any damage or items found to be missing must be reported to the office immediately by completing the rear pages of your lease for the office copy.
  39. If the fire alarm is activated maliciously a charge of € 350.00 will be imposed on myself or my guarantor, should the fire brigade be called to a false alarm activation the charge to me or my guarantor will be €1350.00.
  40. I will not tamper/misuse any fire equipment located in the apartments or common areas including fire extinguishers, fire blankets and smoke alarms
  41. I agree not to download from the internet material content that is illegal or unlawful. This is to include down loading from the internet of copyrighted material where a copyrights payment is required to the appropriate authority, artist, musician, publisher or owner of that material
  42. When using the washing/tumble dryer to dry your clothes the drum has to be half filled with clothes to allow the air to circulate otherwise clothes will not dry.
  43. Management and Security have the right to refuse admission to any non-resident of The Tennis Village, and ask them to leave at any time. Any abusive, threatening behavior to any member of staff/security will not be tolerated.
  44. You are required to pay promptly all charges for the supply of electricity and water.
  45. Presently charges for water is between the student and Irish Water, it is up to each individual student to pay water charges directly to Irish Water.


I hereby agree that I have read and understand the Health & Safety Rules and Code of Conduct / House Rules of   The Tennis Village,  Killeen,   Oakpark. Tralee and I agree to abide by them.

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